Lake, mountains and 680.6 km² of pure Šumava

at the Pension Frymburk in Šumava

Šumava National Park is a forested area in the Czech Republic, the largest of four national parks (68 064 hectares). Apart from the mountain Smrčin and primeval forest stands are the most important moors, peat bogs and Karová lakes. The Šumava National Park is part of the Šumava protected landscape area. 24 State nature reserves and other smaller protected areas were declared in the territory of the IBO.

Winter beauties of Frymburk in the vicinity of Lipno

Summer Surroundings Frymburk

Šumava is one of the oldest mountain ranges in Central Europe. It rises from an altitude of about 700  m a.s.l.. and its highest peaks exceed 1300 m.

The highest peak of the Czech side is Plechý (1378 m a.s.l.).

The core of the mountains are the Šumava Plains, a large plateau with an altitude of about 1000 m, from which the Železnorudská Hornatina and the southeast border ridge of Trojmezenská Hornatiny and the inland ridge of Boubínské and Želnavské hornatiny, are protruding to the northwest, which divides the wide Vltavická furrow.

In the Quaternary drilled glaciers morphologically pronounced corries, most of which are now filled with water. At the same time there were also some other striking terrain shapes such as frost log cabins, rock walls or hillside balvanité debris.

Completely specific services are extensive, slightly vyklenutáed and valley raised bogs.

Pension Frymburk - Šumava